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3rd meeting in Salamanca

We just came back from #Salamanca and our meeting for the project #NEWaveoflearning. Everybody presented how the #suggestopedia is going in their country. There are so many different examples of teachers and people who implement it. We have all different level of people – language teachers in spanish, greek, english, portuguese, professors, university teachers who experiment with that tool. We …

Multiplier event in Salamanca 2019

Multiplier event in Salamanca leaded by Alonso and BBDR. They present the project, what we have made, the products and also how they use it in Spain. #Erasmus, #K2, #Salamanca lier

Newave of learning event/Conference 25.07.2019

Take your enthusiasm and inspiration and get ready for an exciting experience at a Neways in Learning – innovative program for fast and efficient learning project funded under the Erasmus + program. Place: Essence Center ул. “6-ти септември” 37, във вътрешния двор, зад кооперацията, 1000 Sofia, Bulgaria The event is organized by the NC Future …

Newave of learning C1 training in Smolyan, march 2019

Our amazing journey into the harmony and joy of learning has started in Smolyan, Bulgaria with our participants from our partner organizations: Euro-net from Italy, Biderbost, Boscan & Rochin (BB&R) from Spain and Centre for Non-Formal Education Triagolnik from Macedonia. Our main trainer Teodor Vasilev. The NEWave in Learning training will be a long learning process – a combination of online preparation, a 14-days …

C1 training in Smolyan – visit in a youth center

Yesterday we visited the youth center in the town of Smolyan where we held short lessons in Italian, Spanish, Macedonian and English. It was wonderful to feel the energy and inspiration these lessons gave to the guests of the event. Everybody was very entertained and taught Thanks to the #Erasmusplus, the Association Wings of Light, the Young …

A special guest for the training C1

Also today we had a special guest – mr. Lachezar Gudev, who made a suggestopedian lesson with us in English, 🙂 We are so happy to have him here! 🥁🌞🙃💼👒🎨🎼 #Erasmusplus, #K2project, #newave Център за развитие на човешките ресурси (ЦРЧР)  

Second meeting in Potenza, Italy/ 18-19.01.2019

Started the second meeting in #Potenza of the project #NEWaveinLearning# ErasmusPlus #KA2  

Newave learning books

    The NEWave book in English   2.The NEWave book in Italian   3.The NEWave book in Spanish   4. NEWave learning book in Bulgarian

Intelectual outputs – ready for download

We are so happy to share with you our intellectual products,:) Learning book English