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Results dissemination conferences

We are happy that we were able to hand out over 30 manuals at the Essence Center!

The FB event is here:

Grab your enthusiasm and inspiration and get ready for an exciting experience at the Erasmus + funded ‘Newave in Learning – Innovative Program for Fast and Effective Learning’ project.

The event is organized by the Future Community Now Community Center and the Institute of Suggestopedia “Prof. Dr. Georgi Lozanov” ***.

*** Institute of Suggestopedia “Prof. Dr. Georgi Lozanov “is an associate partner of the Community Center” Future Now 2006 “in the project” NEWave in learning – Innovative program for fast and effective learning “under the program” Erasmus + “, CD 2. The project partners are the organizations: EURO- NET (Italy), BB&B (Spain) and Triangle (Macedonia). The project is being implemented in the period 01.09.2016 – 31.08.2019.


During the conference you will learn about the created intellectual products by the project partners: Community Center “Future Now 2006” from Bulgaria, EURO-NET from Italy, Biderbost Boscan Rochin from Spain, Center for Non-Formal Education TRIAGOLNIK from Macedonia and Associate Partner Institute for Suggestion “Prof. Dr. Georgi Lozanov ”from Bulgaria.

You will see photos, materials and results of trainings conducted by teachers from Italy, Spain, Macedonia and Bulgaria, who will apply the “NEWave in learning” methodology in their teaching work with adult learners.

The program
————————————————– —————————————-
09: 30-10: 00 Registration
10: 00-11: 00 History and partnership
11: 00-11: 30 Coffee break
11: 30-12: 30 Intellectual products “NEWave in Learning”
12: 30-13: 30 Lunch
13: 30-15: 00 NEWave in learning teacher training program and learning outcomes
15: 00-15: 30 Coffee break
15: 30-16: 30 Practical application of the system
16: 30-17: 00 Coffee break
17: 00-18: 00 Demonstration of a foreign language course for adults

————————————————– ————————————-

The time and place of the meeting are known.

We are expecting you!

NEWave in Learning
an innovative program for fast and effective learning


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