Newave of learning C1 training in Smolyan, march 2019

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Newave of learning C1 training in Smolyan, march 2019

Our amazing journey into the harmony and joy of learning has started in Smolyan, Bulgaria with our participants from our partner organizations: Euro-net from Italy, Biderbost, Boscan & Rochin (BB&R) from Spain and Centre for Non-Formal Education Triagolnik from Macedonia. Our main trainer Teodor Vasilev.

The NEWave in Learning training will be a long learning process – a combination of online preparation, a 14-days skill development training, and a follow-up for application and evaluation of results. More than 15 adult teachers
and trainers from 4 countries participate in the training.

NEWave in Learning is based on Prof. D-r
Georgi Lozanov’s work on suggestopedia, dessugestopedia and reservopedia and the development of accelerative learning in the past 40 years. The suggestopedia become famous more than 50 years ago from a group experiment with adults who remembered
98% of 1000 unknown foreign language words in one day.

Since then hundreds of researches explore, show and prove its results and develop its methodology. Now we have gathered this huge research together and we
will put it into practice in adult learning and training.
Be part of this amazing journey that will
transform your work.

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