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This project aims to expand and develop the competencies of trainers and teachers in the field of adult education to implement in their practice an innovative methodology for developing, design, teaching and evaluation of training results. The innovative methodology provides fast and efficient absorption of different types of educational content and handling of 2 to 5 times bigger training material. ffective absorption of different types of educational content. Subsequently, the methodology will be applied in the training of specific target groups of adults, such as ethnic marginal groups and/or refugees, to improve their basic skills and key competencies, and with view of their subsequent inclusion in the labor market or continuing their education.

NEWave in learning

Erasmus K2 project


IО1 On-line training platform

Due to the requirement of the program for open access to intellectual products created in Erasmus projects, due to the promotion of joint training, using ICT, due to the need for dissemination of results, a training platform will be created. It will have a system for conducting webinars. It will also serve as a database of training resources.

IO2 Innovative Methodology „NEWave in Learning“ for fast and effective learning

The innovative methodology “NEWave in learning” for fast and effective learning is a practical tool based on modern pedagogical theories for develop of different types of educational content, designed for different types of learners.

IO3 Educational Programme for a 5-step Training Course for teachers and trainers

After the development of the innovative methodology for fast and effective learning, there needs to be developed an Educational Programme, which will be used in the training of teachers and trainers. It will be a 5-step course for acquiring knowledge and skills to implement the innovative methodology. It will be subsequently used for teacher training by the already trained trainers.

IO4 System for monitoring, measurement and evaluation of the implemented methodology

Extremely important in the development of a pedagogical methodology is to measure and evaluate its impact on learners and the results they have achieved. That is why a system will be set up for monitoring, measurement and evaluation of the methodology, which will be applied by the trained trainers in the training of adults from marginal groups.

IO5 Comparative analysis and summary of results

This will give us a summarized picture of the implementation of the methodology. The same team that will develop the system for monitoring, measuring and evaluating the implementation of the innovative methodology will also make the comparative analysis and summary of data. It will serve to improve the methodology and make recommendations for the educators.

IO6 Educational content, developed by using the innovative methodology

After the course for trainers and teachers on the innovative teaching methodology, some of them – at least 40 – will develop educational content using the methodology in order to raise the basic skills and key competencies of their adult students in a particular type of trainings.

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Triagolnik’s mission is to develop and empower young people’s capacities through non-formal education and at the same time promoting volunteerism, youth work and active participation. Triagolnik implement its mission I collaboration with institutions and individuals that directly or indirectly work with young people, while respecting the principles of non-discrimination and equal approach.



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